Managing Sleep with Babies

Managing sleep with babies is a very average part of every caregivers life.  

As we all know, babies cry, all the time, so every caregiver must wake up every 2 hours throughout the night to deal with the baby.  Sometimes it needs to eat, sometimes it needs to drink, & sometimes it pooped it’s pants.

Today we’re going to come up with tips on how to manage your own sleep as a caregiver.

Nap When the babies napping

Many woman take the time while their baby is sleeping to do things and be active but it’s important to know that once you have a baby your life is technically over.  Seriously though, if you want some extra sleep try taking a nap during the day just like your baby.  Babies need to sleep around 12 hours a day so this means you have plenty of time to get your 6-7 hours.  Make sure to use your time wisely and your will not be as stressed out now that you’ve had a good night of sleep.

Find another Caregiver

Having a partner is an important part of raising a kid.  The dynamics that are given in a relationship, Father & Mother, will ensure a higher chance of developing a healthy child.  Nowadays, most couples get married and have a kid however hundreds of years ago the men would go out, or travel to earn money while the child and mother stay at home.  If you have a partner that is their during the day or night make sure to take turns on taking care of the baby so each of you can get an equal amount of sleep.

Hire another Caregiver

This will give you an enormous amount of free time to do what you want depending on how often you hire someone.  It is important to remember that you still have enough time to take care of and learn about your own kid.  This option is good for working parents however it is not recommended.  If you hire someone like a full-time babysitter try and spending time with her and the baby when you can.  Just understand that just because your child is safe it doesn’t mean it doesn’t need you.




How to keep your child active during the summer.

Being out-doors is important

Hey, Parenting 411 here to teach you why & how you can get your kids out of the house and playing outside with friends.  In a retrospect you must make sure that they get a very good amount of playtime and sun regularly.  Although during the summer children sleep in, and don’t go to school.  If they have nothing to do, then they will most likely do nothing.  With the new electronics now a days their is no getting off the screen, this takes me to my next subject.


Making sure you’re children are during the right thing at all times is part of the parents job, even if it’s too hard for you.  You must pay attention to what your child is doing all day, where are they going, and what are they focussed on this summer.  If its an X-BOX 360 then maybe you need to monitor the amount spent on the system.  Have a schedule that involves them to go somewhere.

Stay active with them

So once you make your schedule you must stick by it and be with them.  Your kids are not the only ones that need a little sun everyday, you do too!  Go to parks, outside museums, sports.  They want to look up to their mother or father so show them the way of going out everyday and doing something productive and active.  This is such an important part of child development you must remember they pick up what you do like a sponge & reenact it.

Enroll them in summer camps

This is such a good way to keep an active kid during the summer whilst having some times for yourself, maybe too much time.  You should not just kick your child into a summer camp if he/or she is not comfortable with doing it.  Try and make it their idea to go to summer camp with friends and have fun.  Their are several different types of camps such as a day sports camp where you bring and pickup your child everyday.  Another is the sleep-away camp where you, well, sleep away.

Teach them 

While your with them at all times try and teach them & dont forget! Learning & teaching is part of the job when growing up a Child.  Whenever you’re out, talk to them and make sure they understand what is going on around them.  Child Development does not happen on it’s own.


What have we learned today?

Summer is the time where kids stay inside and play video games so you need to take control & monitor what they;re doing.  Try and be active with them as much as possible, it is important they see their father/mother out in the sun with them.  Another thing a lot of kids enjoy is a summer camp so if it’s in your budget try enrolling them for a summer camp of their choice.  The most important thing of all is to teach them as much as you can.



Easing Seperation – What is Seperation Anxiety?

Easing Separation Anxiety

What is separation anxiety?

Separation anxiety is the way that child feels when he or she says goodbye to their caregiver.  Although very strange, separation anxiety is a normal part of healthy child development.  In some cases however, separation anxiety can become to worsen and may become a problem that must be treated.  

Today we are going to go over the several ways to easing normal separation anxiety in children.  

Practice Separation 

Every day you must practice separation by using several techniques to get your child used to be separated.  Leave your child with another caregiver for a few minutes and short distances.  This will slowly get your child used to being traded off with another person.  As times goes on he or she will get more and more used to this exercise. Eventually becoming a normal routine.  

Schedule separations. 

Babies are more likely to experience anxiety separation while they are tired or hungry.  Try scheduling separations after naps or after feedings.

Make a goodbye secret handshake

These certain goodbyes are rituals that can be very reassuring to the baby.   These things help the baby remind themselves everything will be okay and that eventually he or she will see you later.  These can be as simple a wave or kiss on the cheek.  

Maintain familiar surroundings

Children, like any humans, love to be in places that they’re used to.  When separated from your child make sure to do it in places that seem familiar.  Also practice in new places so that the child can learn to make new surroundings familiar.  

Have a primary caregiver

It is important that separation anxiety practice involves a primary caregiver that the child will feel the most impact when leaving.  

Little to no scary television

After scary television children will technically be more fearful of anything around them because the memories of the movie have almost scarred them.  Watching good shows that promote positive attitudes will invoke positive attitudes during other situations.  

Don’t give in

Reassure your child all that time that everything ill be okay.  

Separation Axniety Disorder

This disorder is something hat goes on even after they mature.  Separation anxiety involves many feelings that normal people do not recognize.

We have broken Anxiety Disorders into symptoms of what they may feel like if not treated.

Fear of safety of a loved one

A very common fear a child will always have is wondering if the parent will come back while they are gone.  It is a very sad thing to think about it however children are always worrying about the worst that can happen.  

Worry something will lead to permanent separation 

Children with Separation Anxiety think that once they are away from their caregiver it is the end of the world.  A common feeling is that they feel as if they will never get to see the parent.


Another separation anxiety symptom is many kids have nightmares of losing theirs parents.  These nightmares involve scary dreams about their deepest fears which happen to be anxiety disorder.

Effects of Separation Anxiety Disorder

The consequences of what untreated separation anxiety disorder can do to the life of a child and parent.  Here is it broken into sections

Refuse to go to school

Kids with separation anxiety disorder will not ever want to go to school because it involved being away from the parent.

Display reluctance to go to sleep

Separation Anxiety disorders can cause horrible sleep problems that should not be normal.  The anxiety causes them to become insomniacs due to the anxiety and fear of separation.  This anxiety also effects sleep because of the nightmares that occur as a result of separation fears.


Separation Anxiety disorder is a very common disorder that occurs as result of untreated common separation anxiety as a kid.  Separate anxiety can change a child and parents life and is something that any developing child must go through.  This informative article tells causes, effects, and treatments of Separation Anxiety, and Separation Anxiety Disorder.  


How to build a safe & reliable Treehouse

How to build a safe Treehouse
Today at Parenting 411 we are going to go over how to make a safe tree house for your family and friends.  Remember that this will require time and money and kids should never be able to climb the tree without supervision.

Preparing the Tree house

  • Make sure to choose the right tree

For your treehouse you are going to need something that is sturdy enough to support the entire family plus a wooden box with tools.  This means that certain kinds of trees will simply not be strong enough to withhold this much weight without risking a collapse.  The health of tree is extremely crucial or the foundation of a treehouse.  The tree can’t be too young or too old otherwise it will not be able to carry your weight causing a health hazard.  To make sure your tree is perfectly right it must have these qualities.  The trunk and branches must be strong and sturdy.  The Roots must very well into the ground an grandfathered into the soil.  It must be able to hold itself. Their should be absolutely no evidence of disease of parasites that may cause a weak tree.  

  • Check the local ordinances

Make sure that it is legal to build your certain treehouse in your area.  Sometimes places will restrict the amount of noise allowed for construction or the height of the tree house.  

Some places even require a permit to build swell as restrictions on the trees you can build on.  Make sure before starting any project that you check on these regulation and ordinances on your local city website.  

Preparing the Build

  • Choose your design

In making a treehouse you must need to have chosen a certain design you want to build before actually starting.  It is important to contracting a design that will work perfectly with your tree size, and type.  Do not forget to plan for the future growth of your tree as this can be something that many people look over.  It’s worth doing a lot of research on the tree your are going to be using as a house to determine it’s growth rate.  

  • Decide a support method

Treehouse have several certain ways to support themselves.  We have broken them into sections to help you fully understand each design.  

  • The Post method

The most common method where you attach support beams from the ground to the bottom of the treehouse so that you support it from the ground.

  • The bolt Method

This method uses the tree as trunk as the support itself.  With the floor of the treehouse you nail it on all sides around the trunk creating it’s own way of holding it up using the trunk.  This method is the hardest and not recommneded.

  • The suspension method

With this you suspend the entire treehouse using professional cables, ropes, or chains that hold the whole treehouse large and high branches 

Decide an access method 

Decide how you want to get up onto the treehouse, their are several ways that we’ve broken into points.

  • The standard Ladder
  • rope ladder
  • Staircase


  • Make a Plan

Make a very detailed plan describing all the information required to make the house.  What materials will you use?, do you have all the tools?, do you need help?.  For a standard 8 by 8 foot tree house it is required at least a trunk of 12 inches in diameter to be absolutely safe.  Everything needs to be plotted out and planned.  If you need help with unwanted branches or leaves it is recommended to call up your local tree company so they can sort of pave the way for you to construct your own treehouse!

  • Safety

Remember when building this treehouse that safety is always first.  Do not build above 6-8 feet because this can be a hazard whilst building and whilst playing inside the treehouse.  Construct a safe railing so that children can be as safe as possible.  With kids it is recommended that the treehouse is only 1 or 2 feet off the ground with something soft under.  

  • V Shape

Find a sturdy tree where two branches separate into a V shape.  This will be required for most tree houses so that you can rig it up safely.  Drill at all four sections of the V location.  Drill a 3/8” into each side of each branch of the V.

  • Kerala-treehouse-marayoorThe house

Contract a flooring and nail it to the 4 locations previously shown.  Once you have a platform built you can go through the steps again and start to put in the various things talked about.  Start by making a way up to the platform so that you can go back down and take a break.  Build walls, along with a window, and even a balcony.  Make sure to always add railing to the treehouse balcony.  

We recommend that if building a treehouse that it is %100 age appropriate for your youngest child.  Treehouse are very dangerous and whilst being used should absolutely be supervised all the time.  


Healthy Food for your Child

Healthy foods every child should be getting

Ever wonder if all that sugar really could be hurting the overall health of your child? Well it is.  Important nutrition comes as being one of the most important parenting techniques you must know!  Not only will this let your child live a longer happier life but it will assist you in creating healthier food for your family at home.  Listen up to these Tips on how pump nutrient and good fortune into your child.   Continue reading “Healthy Food for your Child”


How to Child-proof your home

Hello, Parenting 411 Here.  

     Our article today is about how to Childproof your home and why it’s important. Unintentional injury is among one of the top causes of death rates in children. Please make sure you take the steps to ensure a safe living space.  We have broken each section into different rooms found throughout an average home. Continue reading “How to Child-proof your home”


Welcome to Parenting 411

Hello Parents!

Welcome to the official Parenting 411 blog site!

Our job is to teach you the hundreds of Parenting tips that you have yet to unlock.  We will be studying ways to better the health of your child, how to treat your child, how to act in certain situations, aswell as fun family activities that we will be sharing with you.  This is also considered a family site, children are always welcome to read our blogs so that they can learn things with you.  Family is the most important aspect of life so remember to take everything we say seriously but our main goal is your fun. Continue reading “Welcome to Parenting 411”