3 ways To Bring Light Into Your Space

3 ways To Bring Light Into Your Space

We are going to be looking at three of the most popular ways to add natural light your house or room without the use of traditional windows.  So listen up because light is a very important aspect for the happiness of a child.

Add glass doors

Glass doors are very beautiful steel or wooden doors that have a glass center.  Usually if they lead into the house they have a gradient on them that doesn’t allow people to see through.  Although these bad boys actually give off a ton of light because they are the entire length of the door they open up a lot.  

Glass doors also make your house seem a lot more roomy and outside.  They also look very classy and modern from the outside.  Natural light is the new way to go.Velux_GGL-7_Center-Pivot_Roof_Window,_1986_Model

Add a Tubular Daylight Device

A Tubular Daylighting device also known as a TDD is a very helpful tool.  It grabs light from outside and brings it into the house using a mirror tube.  A TDD & a Skylight will both create light coming through the roof however they’re very different. 

A TDD is a long tube that gets light from the roof usually and bringing it through the house whilst twisting and turning not the place it’s needed.  It uses mirrors and ends up looking almost like a light fixture. The bottom of these tubes are glazed to prevent glaring beams. 

A Skylight is a panel that replaces your entire ceiling.  The different between a TDD and Skylight is that a TDD uses converted light carried and shoots a strong ray of light into the house.  A Skylight brings in direct-natural sunlight where you can see the sun, the moon, birds, planes, & any trees hanging over the house.  

Add Deep Colors

When you have a dark room it is usually the idea to paint them light to make up for it and brighten things up.  However the best things to do is embrace the darker colors and int the house a color that is moody to make the room or house feel cozy.  For example green is perfect color for a space with dark and doors. Even with a dark room it only needs some warm wood, some windows, or just a vintage furniture to make it smooth looking.  Having a dark room can be something to embrace as their is a lot of ways to change it up and make it look amazing, light, while maintaining a cozy feeling.  This is something impossible to experience with a lightened room.  

Why Is light important for our kids?

Light is important for so many reasons, as kids go around their day they must be exposed to sunlight.  Here are some reasons on why light is an important aspect of a child’s life.  


When you can’t see, you can’t walk, when you can’t see shadows, you don’t know depth.  Light is essential to human survival, and same goes for your child.  Kids have a lot of a harder time distinguishing between stuff in the dark because their shadow and depth perception are still developing.  Light is important for walking and even accident prevention.  


Going outside and exploring is an essential part of a child’s life.  Kids must be able to breathe the outside air, look outside, and learn from their surroundings.  Sitting in a dark rooms all day will make the child feel depressed and generally tired all the time. 


Sunlight, however it may seem false, is connected to learning processes.  Even in schools across the globe it is important to put natural sunlight into the lives of children.  Sunlight is an important source of motivation and energy that is absolutely essential to a kids survival.

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