6 Important Parenting Tips

Understand the child is a privilege

Although you feed, clothe, and have birthed your child, one must know that having a child is a privilege of nature.  You do not own the child, he or she is not your property.  Parents are there to care for, love, and nurture. 

Use Warnings and never threats

     Ever catch yourself doing this? It’s extremely important for a child to respect what you are saying as opposed to fearing.  Always make sure that you are using warnings when talking as with this you can control them more.

    Another reason is if you deliver consequences that cannot be followed through it will create a certain entrust between the child.  Kids will start to quickly doubt the credibility of the consequences and the weight in which it’s disciplined. 

Explain to the child what to do, rather than what not to be doing

Make it a time to enjoy learning rather than teaching.

     Let’s say your child does something that you think is not right and decide to teach him a lesson.  A lot of parents will do the same thing and start a lecture thinking that what they have to say is the only way for the child to understand.  Parenting is part patience and part strategy.

     Make sure that the child is absorbing the information you are saying so that the learning will have a deeper impact.  Make sure to check your child’s feelings constantly to ensure that it is in the best state.  

    So you see your child doing something wrong, try and make it a learning situation! How? you ask. heres and example: Make sure to use short sentences so it’s easier for the child to follow.  Instead of saying don’t do something, help them with what to right.

Be a leader

Your kid looks up to you.  Remember that when you say something that might affect his future.  Kids suck up everything like a sponge, especially the things their parents do.  Cursing in front of the child will increase the child of cursing in the future and this goes for just about anything.  Smoking next to your kid will cause second hand smoke so you sit away and he watches from a distance.  Your kid will remember what you do, will remember your cigarette, and in the future when he gets older will increase his curiosity of the matter.  The chances of him becoming a Tobacco addict have become legitimate. 

Make the rules very clear

     Nothing is more frustrating then getting in trouble for something you didn’t know about.  So make sure the your child understands %200 what the rules you have are.  If you need to repeat them, then so be it, but make it clear that he or she cannot do whatever it wants.

    You will also see with this step comes less discipline needed since you went over the rules less will be disobeyed.  Try writing down a list of rules and putting them in places where you child spends the most time at. parents-holding-baby-871294937167Xx4

What’s even more annoying than getting in trouble for something yo didn’t do is getting in trouble in random ways that don’t make sense.  It might be easy for the parent to think that if you taking away anything as a consequence will work.  Although this will be seen as unfair for a child.  Make sure that the negative consequence is talked out and even written out before.  The best way to enforce rules that you;ve given your child is to use techniques such as time-out, take away privileges whilst using completely logical consequences.  

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