How to Child-proof your home

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     Our article today is about how to Childproof your home and why it’s important. Unintentional injury is among one of the top causes of death rates in children. Please make sure you take the steps to ensure a safe living space.  We have broken each section into different rooms found throughout an average home.

The Bedrooms

Make sure that the child’s room is covered in carpet or another material.  This will allow your child to enjoy a gripped floor to reduce the chance of slipping and falling.  The corners of the beds should be rounded otherwise it can be a great hazard for the eyes and other parts of the body.  

Constantly make sure that while going in and out of doors to ensure that it will not close on the child.  This is hard to prevent all though it can be done in various ways by using heavier doors, or sliders.


The Kitchen

All drawers, cabinets, and other compartments should be equipped with child proof safety latches to ensure that they never get to any household products.

All over the kitchen their are child hazards that you must be aware of.  All household products such as medicine, cleaning materials, and anything toxic should be kept far away from the food products.

Whilst using the stove make sure to use the back burners and keep the handles feed towards the wall so that your child cannot reach up and grab the hot pan.  

The Bathrooms

Again, make sure to install safety latches on any drawers, cabinets and compartments that carry toxic or poisonous house products.  Always make sure that medicine is kept in a latched compartment as well.  Keep away from anything that the child uses, shower, sink, toothbrush, toothpaste.  

Get Anti-scalding devices on the faucets and shower heads to prevent burns.  Make sure to be setting the thermostat of the heater to 120.  Always unplug all hair dryers after using them.  One to prevent electrocution and two to prevent burns from an active hair dryer or roller.  All power outlets must also be covered with safety caps!

Other Parts of the house 

At the bottom and top of the stairs install safety gates.  Also in the rooms with safety hazards use safety gates.  At the top of stairs always use hardware-mounted gates instead of expanding pressure bars as this can be an extreme hazard.  Always remember that these gates are a fire hazard so they should be treated as such.  

Make sure to be using doorknob covers to lock areas to places involving hazards, like swimming pools or the attic stairs.  On all furniture and edges use corner and edge bumpers.  These are a life saver, literally.

Get furniture away from all windows atlas 5 feet off the ground.  Children have been known to climb out of windows and hurt themselves very badly.  Another thing is to make sure you are not using looped cords because they have been a problem in causing strangulation hazards for kids.

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