How to keep your child active during the summer.

Being out-doors is important

Hey, Parenting 411 here to teach you why & how you can get your kids out of the house and playing outside with friends.  In a retrospect you must make sure that they get a very good amount of playtime and sun regularly.  Although during the summer children sleep in, and don’t go to school.  If they have nothing to do, then they will most likely do nothing.  With the new electronics now a days their is no getting off the screen, this takes me to my next subject.


Making sure you’re children are during the right thing at all times is part of the parents job, even if it’s too hard for you.  You must pay attention to what your child is doing all day, where are they going, and what are they focussed on this summer.  If its an X-BOX 360 then maybe you need to monitor the amount spent on the system.  Have a schedule that involves them to go somewhere.

Stay active with them

So once you make your schedule you must stick by it and be with them.  Your kids are not the only ones that need a little sun everyday, you do too!  Go to parks, outside museums, sports.  They want to look up to their mother or father so show them the way of going out everyday and doing something productive and active.  This is such an important part of child development you must remember they pick up what you do like a sponge & reenact it.

Enroll them in summer camps

This is such a good way to keep an active kid during the summer whilst having some times for yourself, maybe too much time.  You should not just kick your child into a summer camp if he/or she is not comfortable with doing it.  Try and make it their idea to go to summer camp with friends and have fun.  Their are several different types of camps such as a day sports camp where you bring and pickup your child everyday.  Another is the sleep-away camp where you, well, sleep away.

Teach them 

While your with them at all times try and teach them & dont forget! Learning & teaching is part of the job when growing up a Child.  Whenever you’re out, talk to them and make sure they understand what is going on around them.  Child Development does not happen on it’s own.


What have we learned today?

Summer is the time where kids stay inside and play video games so you need to take control & monitor what they;re doing.  Try and be active with them as much as possible, it is important they see their father/mother out in the sun with them.  Another thing a lot of kids enjoy is a summer camp so if it’s in your budget try enrolling them for a summer camp of their choice.  The most important thing of all is to teach them as much as you can.


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