How to Ruin your Son or Daughter

Top ways to ruin your Child’s development!

We’ve made a list of things that you should not be doing to or with your child because we believe it is not the right thing.  Much research has been put into gathering information such as this so please learn and respect.

Spoil Them

Giving your kids whatever they want is a quick way to an unsuccessful life.  If they don’t know how to work for things then how will they learn to work.  Kids that grow up with being spoiled generally think they are the center of attention and deserve anything they want.  This is not the right way to raise a child, it is important that all things come moderately.  

Buy Expensive clothes

Expensive clothes are not the worst thing in the world but once they get used to having burberry socks it will get old.  Fashion is not the worst thing in the world but having them growing up spoiled thinking that anything in the mall is theirs, is not the way to go. 

Your child’s needs are #1

If you wanna make sure that when you child gets older they will be self centered this is the best way to do it.  When the child thinks that the parent works for them it can turn out being a very ugly relationship.

Always try and entertain

Want a spoiled child? heres a good way by makings sure that you kid is always laughing because you’re always putting effort into making sure they’re having fun/  Sometimes this isn’t the best idea in the world because they can get the idea that you are only there to make them laugh.  This can be a bad thing when you want to get along to giving consequences for their actions and they not take you seriously.  

Plan your day around your child’s

Heres the best way to show that you have no control over your own child is having them decide what you are going to do when you wake up in the morning.  Your world cannot revolve around them! Their world must revolve around you!  

Always choose you child’s side

When you do this, this will effect how they develop and the way they think.  If they always believe that you have their side they will feel untouchable around you.  This can create a dangerous kid that does not want to understand or follow the rules because of what they think you think.  You must be strong and never take sides, always do what is right.  Remember that you need to do it to learn and not just to teach!


It’s very simple, don’t spoil your child and make sure they get what they deserve. Treat them as if they are a younger sibling that you need to tell what to do so that they will grow in a better way.  

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