Managing Sleep with Babies

Managing sleep with babies is a very average part of every caregivers life.  

As we all know, babies cry, all the time, so every caregiver must wake up every 2 hours throughout the night to deal with the baby.  Sometimes it needs to eat, sometimes it needs to drink, & sometimes it pooped it’s pants.

Today we’re going to come up with tips on how to manage your own sleep as a caregiver.

Nap When the babies napping

Many woman take the time while their baby is sleeping to do things and be active but it’s important to know that once you have a baby your life is technically over.  Seriously though, if you want some extra sleep try taking a nap during the day just like your baby.  Babies need to sleep around 12 hours a day so this means you have plenty of time to get your 6-7 hours.  Make sure to use your time wisely and your will not be as stressed out now that you’ve had a good night of sleep.

Find another Caregiver

Having a partner is an important part of raising a kid.  The dynamics that are given in a relationship, Father & Mother, will ensure a higher chance of developing a healthy child.  Nowadays, most couples get married and have a kid however hundreds of years ago the men would go out, or travel to earn money while the child and mother stay at home.  If you have a partner that is their during the day or night make sure to take turns on taking care of the baby so each of you can get an equal amount of sleep.

Hire another Caregiver

This will give you an enormous amount of free time to do what you want depending on how often you hire someone.  It is important to remember that you still have enough time to take care of and learn about your own kid.  This option is good for working parents however it is not recommended.  If you hire someone like a full-time babysitter try and spending time with her and the baby when you can.  Just understand that just because your child is safe it doesn’t mean it doesn’t need you.



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