How to build a safe & reliable Treehouse

How to build a safe Treehouse
Today at Parenting 411 we are going to go over how to make a safe tree house for your family and friends.  Remember that this will require time and money and kids should never be able to climb the tree without supervision.

Preparing the Tree house

  • Make sure to choose the right tree

For your treehouse you are going to need something that is sturdy enough to support the entire family plus a wooden box with tools.  This means that certain kinds of trees will simply not be strong enough to withhold this much weight without risking a collapse.  The health of tree is extremely crucial or the foundation of a treehouse.  The tree can’t be too young or too old otherwise it will not be able to carry your weight causing a health hazard.  To make sure your tree is perfectly right it must have these qualities.  The trunk and branches must be strong and sturdy.  The Roots must very well into the ground an grandfathered into the soil.  It must be able to hold itself. Their should be absolutely no evidence of disease of parasites that may cause a weak tree.  

  • Check the local ordinances

Make sure that it is legal to build your certain treehouse in your area.  Sometimes places will restrict the amount of noise allowed for construction or the height of the tree house.  

Some places even require a permit to build swell as restrictions on the trees you can build on.  Make sure before starting any project that you check on these regulation and ordinances on your local city website.  

Preparing the Build

  • Choose your design

In making a treehouse you must need to have chosen a certain design you want to build before actually starting.  It is important to contracting a design that will work perfectly with your tree size, and type.  Do not forget to plan for the future growth of your tree as this can be something that many people look over.  It’s worth doing a lot of research on the tree your are going to be using as a house to determine it’s growth rate.  

  • Decide a support method

Treehouse have several certain ways to support themselves.  We have broken them into sections to help you fully understand each design.  

  • The Post method

The most common method where you attach support beams from the ground to the bottom of the treehouse so that you support it from the ground.

  • The bolt Method

This method uses the tree as trunk as the support itself.  With the floor of the treehouse you nail it on all sides around the trunk creating it’s own way of holding it up using the trunk.  This method is the hardest and not recommneded.

  • The suspension method

With this you suspend the entire treehouse using professional cables, ropes, or chains that hold the whole treehouse large and high branches 

Decide an access method 

Decide how you want to get up onto the treehouse, their are several ways that we’ve broken into points.

  • The standard Ladder
  • rope ladder
  • Staircase


  • Make a Plan

Make a very detailed plan describing all the information required to make the house.  What materials will you use?, do you have all the tools?, do you need help?.  For a standard 8 by 8 foot tree house it is required at least a trunk of 12 inches in diameter to be absolutely safe.  Everything needs to be plotted out and planned.  If you need help with unwanted branches or leaves it is recommended to call up your local tree company so they can sort of pave the way for you to construct your own treehouse!

  • Safety

Remember when building this treehouse that safety is always first.  Do not build above 6-8 feet because this can be a hazard whilst building and whilst playing inside the treehouse.  Construct a safe railing so that children can be as safe as possible.  With kids it is recommended that the treehouse is only 1 or 2 feet off the ground with something soft under.  

  • V Shape

Find a sturdy tree where two branches separate into a V shape.  This will be required for most tree houses so that you can rig it up safely.  Drill at all four sections of the V location.  Drill a 3/8” into each side of each branch of the V.

  • Kerala-treehouse-marayoorThe house

Contract a flooring and nail it to the 4 locations previously shown.  Once you have a platform built you can go through the steps again and start to put in the various things talked about.  Start by making a way up to the platform so that you can go back down and take a break.  Build walls, along with a window, and even a balcony.  Make sure to always add railing to the treehouse balcony.  

We recommend that if building a treehouse that it is %100 age appropriate for your youngest child.  Treehouse are very dangerous and whilst being used should absolutely be supervised all the time.